An oasis of encounters where well-being and nature support a dynamic working life.

Our next office buildings covering 5 000 and 7 000 sq. m. are currently under development. 

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Welcome to OOPS

A new, vibrant city district entirely devoted to working, shopping, living, entertainment, and experiences. OOPS is built on well-being architecture as a place to grow an international ecosystem.

Well-being & well-doing

Well-being is harmony between the individual and the environment.

The comfortable and walkable environment at OOPS offers urban services in the middle of a park. We nudge healthy choices by offering facilities and technologies to activate even those not active by nature. The spaces are designed to create movement even when there is no intention to do exercise. Nutrition plays a significant role in well-being. Cafés and restaurants serve all employees, residents and event guests in the area. We build well-being based on the conditions offered by the surrounding environment. We observe the principles of sustainable development both indoors and outdoors. We enhance the natural attractions of the area and integrate these with an active life style and technology.

Naturally inspiring

User experience is enhanced in the area and in the community every day.  

A culture of experimentation is inherent to OOPS, since the spaces, activity and applications of the area are being developed constantly by all users. We want to create an overall fluency to support daily work with digital, social and physical services. The shops, the experiences, the park, the offices and the apartments are designed with user experience in mind. Testing and easy shopping should be in the core of every solution. That’s why we are looking for pioneering tech companies for the service providers and retailers. The community is encouraged to test and use the area as a living laboratory.

Global & mobile

A goal-oriented international community is already emerging!

At OOPS, we want to create situations and spaces which make it easy for people to come together. Pioneering talent is attracted to hubs that bring together companies of different profiles and sizes. We want to host both heavy-duty corporations and small enterprises to co-operate with various educational establishments. Our objective is to create contacts between vocational and secondary schools, universities, higher education establishments and incubators in business life to develop new solutions in the shared laboratory facilities.

Sustainable solutions

Well-being of the community is enhanced by sustainable development.

At OOPS, sustainability is achieved by structural solutions, but also with the aid of the entire community. Material choices for the premises are as long-lived as possible, while priority is given to recycled and/or environmentally friendly products.We encourage the use of local services, to avoid wastage, to recycle and save energy. Each operator in the area can  influence the consumption of resources, energy and water by making proper choices. To us, achieving the standard of BREEAM Excellent environmental rating means constant endeavours to ensure sustainability. We want each and every worker to be able to feel proud about their working environment.


The great location and versatile activities at OOPS make the area an attractive and lively meeting place for companies, retail business, residents and occasional hotel guests. Warmly welcoming OOPS, a much-awaited project!


In the middle of the evolving Leppävaara area, at the crossing of Ring Road I, the main railway and the future light rail Raide Jokeri.

4 min to Sello Shopping Centre

7 min to Leppävaara sports park

25 min to Otaniemi

10 min to Sello Shopping Centre

10 min to Leppävaara railway station

10 min to Aalto-yliopisto

15 min to Keilaniemi

40 min to Helsinki city centre

15 min Helsinki city centre

50 min To Helsinki-Vantaa airport Prospect: light rail connection

1,000 parking spaces (incl. charging points for electric car)

22 min to Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Office spaces

An international community is forming already! OOPS has the office spaces that your company needs. Join us - rent your office spaces in the oasis of professionals.

Great location for headquarters along Perkkaantie

Floor plans of phases D and E

Two modern office buildings of 5 000 sq. m. and 7 000 sq. m. are planned along Perkkaantie. OOPS's new office buildings will contain as many as 220 workstations per floor.

More office spaces coming soon

Floor plans of phase C

4 500 sq. m. of new, modern office spaces are planned for OOPS's phase C. The spaces contain 60-80 workstations per floor as well as conference rooms and cafés. These spaces are a great fit for a company's headquarters or can be alternatively divided into multiple spaces for smaller organisations.


Individuals are encouraged to lead a healthy working life by nudging their physical, social and digital behaviour towards better choices.


sq. m.

new spaces for headquarters

Food on a plate


bike parkings

Man on a bike


sq. m.

retail and entertainment

Aiming at BREEAM Excellent

Rains among the trees



to train station



to Jokeri Light Rail stop


rooms in the new hotel

Leaf floats on water

Follow construction work at OOPS site via web cam


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