Our top hints for moving the company

Moving the company office is an inspiring and much awaited event. We gathered some useful hints for handling the process as smoothly and peacefully as possible.

The return to the office – a new opportunity

Companies are preparing for their employees to return to the office. Studies suggest remote work will continue, but the office has not lost its attraction either. There h...

Trimble’s headquarters to be found soon at OOPS

The software company Trimble will be one of the first companies to move in OOPS in autumn 2021 when the office building developed by NCC will be opened in Hatsinanpuisto,...

OOPS attracts life science companies

NCC OOPS, an oasis of encounters that builds on well-being, international perspective and sustainable development, is attracting life science companies. Astellas Pharma a...

Good morning, mobile information work!

Talks about mobile information work are heating up as the pandemic situation is slowly improving, thanks to the vaccination. My social media and news feed is flooded with...

Tenants are currently looking for sustainable choices

Sustainability is the key in the construction of the OOPS office buildings in Leppävaara, Espoo. Sustainable choices are also high on the tenants’ list when they are look...