Groundbreaking ceremony at OOPS building site in Leppävaara, Espoo

One of the largest property development projects in the metropolitan area will be built in Leppävaara district of Espoo. The project entails nearly 100,000 square metres of new office and retail space, free time activities, a hotel and apartments. NCC has developed a new concept by the name OOPS for the Hatsinanpuisto park located in the area where the mobile working life is supported with well-being, nature and collaboration. The impacts of climate change are considered in the area planning and implementation.

The Hatsinanpuisto area is prominently located in the intersection of Ring Road I, the main railway track and the future Jokeri Light Rail route. The wide-ranging set of services will reach more than 20,000 people living in the immediate impact zone of Hatsina, whereas nearly 500,000 people will be living within 15 minutes’ drive from the development.

The commencement of the vast construction project was marked at the groundbreaking ceremony held on 2 October 2019. The first construction phase will entail two office buildings and a parking building which will be completed in August 2021. The site will be built with totally five office buildings, including a hotel and apartments. The ground floors of the office buildings are planned with restaurant and café premises and co-working spaces. In addition, the building ensemble will include retail spaces with commercial services to complement the offering at Sello Shopping Centre and an experience centre with sports and wellness services.

– The service, workplace and residential development of the Hatsinanpuisto area is an excellent match with the strategic goals of the City of Espoo which include placing apartments, workplaces and services at locations served by good public transport connections. The project also promotes the achievement of Espoo’s climate targets and commitments, Head of Technical Services Olli Isotalo of the City of Espoo says.

OOPS encourages to make sustainable choices

NCC participates in shaping the new cityscape of the evolving Espoo area both as a designer and a builder. The conceptual design phase and the actual construction of the building projects are implemented considering the overall functionality of the entire area.

– OOPS, or The Oasis Of Professionals is descriptive of the concept creating an oasis of encounters, an urban neighbourhood in the middle of a park which Espoo is still lacking. The trees, the stairs, the paths and the Monikonpuro brook inspire an active life and add to the well-being. According to OOPS Project Manager Pirkka Pikkarainen of NCC, community spirit and sharing economy are reflected every day in the users’ life.

The first office building at OOPS will provide carbon footprint metrics, and its design and indoor climate take into consideration the climate change predictions. Cooling and heating systems adjust according to the number of users, temperature and carbon dioxide levels. The energy saved and generated on property is reported through real-time monitoring to the users of the premises. The material choices for the buildings are as long-lived as possible, while priority is given to recycled and environmentally friendly products.

The office buildings at OOPS aim at BREEAM Excellent level.

Collaboration in the field of urban planning

The target of office planning is to reach the highest possible occupancy rate.
NCC is collecting information and feedback from people who live and work in the area.

– For example, anybody can download the application by the AI company CHAOS and have their say about what they are missing in the area, Pikkarainen explains.

The pension insurance company Varma has purchased a 18,500 square metre office campus at the site where the software company Trimble Solutions Corporation will be the main tenant.. The office project will serve as a showcase for Trimble’s construction products. Its implementation will be managed using Trimble’s digital construction tools.

– Varma is the owner of the adjacent Panorama Tower, and OOPS is a great addition to our property portfolio. The office development will enable creating a highly functional and modern office campus in collaboration with the future main tenant Trimble and the seller NCC Property Development, says Ilkka Tomperi, Head of Real Estate at Varma.

Further information:

Petri Bergström, Senior Vice President, NCC Property Development, tel. +358 50 331 4602,
Pirkka Pikkarainen, Project Director, NCC Property Development, tel. +358 50 433 1300,
Satu Holm-Jumppanen, Media Relations, NCC, tel. +358 50 305 4718,

OOPS in figures

Estimated completion 2021: 18,500 floor-area sq. m.
• Work space: 18,500 floor-area sq. m. of which 1,000 f-a. sq. m. of coworking
space, cafés and restaurants
• Parking rights: 379
• Bicycle parking spaces: 315 of which 225 are covered.

Estimated completion 2022–2023: 51,000 floor-area sq. m.
• Work space: 20,000 f-a. sq. m.
• Retail and experiences: 20,000 f-a. sq. m.
• Hotel premises: 11,000 f-a. sq. m.

Estimated completion 2024-2025: 10,000 floor-area sq. m.
• Retail and experiences: 10,000 f-a. sq. m.

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