The heart and soul of the office

Although the coronavirus has caused major changes this year, Juvenes Oy is eagerly looking forward to opening their new premises at OOPS. Now is an unprecedented opportunity to create an up-to-the-minute service experience.  

Moving to OOPS in the metropolitan area means expanding to a new market to Juvenes Oy, a company specialising in restaurant, catering, cafeteria, party and conference services. The green Hatsinanpuisto area in the Leppävaara district of Espoo was chosen based on careful contemplation. OOPS fulfils the company’s wishes in every respect.

”Of course, a watched pot never boils, but it’s worth the wait. The situation has also given us plenty of time to fine tune OOPS’ concept and listen to the users’ wishes to make it a perfect fit for our future customers,” Managing Director Päivi Lindén says.

Discovering wishes and trends

The coronavirus pandemic has stirred up businesses and made them think about the future and streamline their plans.

”We had to ponder over the new normal and how it would affect the operating environment and our own activity. We will strive to adapt, scale and modify our service concept flexibly in co-operation with the other operators of the premises depending on the changing situation, trends and fluctuating demand,” Lindén explains.

”I’m confident that people will take breaks during the workday and eat together, no matter what the ways and methods of future work will be. Eating is a very basic source of psychological and physical wellbeing, not to mention the social aspect of it. Eating lunch together is an important part of the workday to many, like spiritual healing. Looking at the bigger picture, workplace food services also have a major positive impact on the public health.”

Päivi Lindén, CEO of Juvenes Oy, and interior designer SIO Hanna-Marie Naukkarinen at the OOPS site

Eating does you good

Despite the constant change, good food will always be the cornerstone of Juvenes. At OOPS, the company will kick off with a wide range of services from breakfast, cafeteria and lunch services to afterwork offering.

”Being able to support our customers’ performance and wellness is very important to us. Tasty and healthy food is closely connected to both. We want to bring happiness to the workday and offer the possibility to observe just the diet that is right for every individual customer.”

”Our customers don’t even have to check the menu – they can be sure to get the food that is suitable for them. The ingredients are carefully and as sustainably selected as possible. We may not be able to serve salmon from the Monikonpuro creek, but prefer domestic and sustainably produced foods. We also want to use the products of local small producers,” Lindén smiles.

Convenient and tasty everyday choices

The company focuses on climate action and preservation of the nature’s biodiversity as part of their sustainability policy. Minimising food loss plays an important role in this. Juvenes offers concepts such as Save the Lunch and ResQ takeaway services to the customers to make the day go smoother for families.

”There has been constant growth in the demand for 24 h service lately. There will be round-the-clock food service at OOPS too. This is how we make sure the customers will always have tasty and nice looking  healthy dishes available, no matter the hour they work,” Lindén emphasises.

”The restaurant is the workplace’s heart and soul. We will build a total concept at OOPS with the appearance and identity to suit and become part of the cosy office environment. We will do our best to brighten up our customer’s day making it smoother, tastier and healthier and supporting work wellbeing.”

OOPS Top 5

  • Sustainability and responsibility
  • International atmosphere
  • Wellbeing theme
  • Lively and growing urban district
  • Well connected: railway station, vicinity of the future light rail line Raide-Jokeri

Juvenes Oy in a nutshell

  • Juvenes offers restaurant, catering and cafeteria services, party and meeting services.
  • In addition to their home town Tampere, the company currently operates in Helsinki, Hyvinkää, Riihimäki, Lahti, Jyväskylä, Oulu, Pori, Rauma, Seinäjoki and Vaasa.
  • The company will open a new restaurant at OOPS to be built in Leppävaara district of Espoo in autumn 2021.
  • Annually about three million meals are served in Juvenes’ restaurants.

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