Expanding to new markets at the best locations

The renowned restaurant and catering business Juvenes Oy is expanding to new markets in Helsinki metropolitan area. The company is eagerly looking forward to moving in OOPS, Hatsinanpuisto, Leppävaara district of Espoo.

Along with its home town Tampere, Juvenes is currently operating in Oulu, Vaasa, Lahti, Turku, Seinäjoki, Riihimäki, Pori and Rauma. The upmarket company is entering a lively new marketplace: in spring 2021 Juvenes will also be found in the greater Helsinki area.

”We were looking for a location in the metropolitan area to bring both everyday and festive services to our business clients. We were hoping to get a modern business place in an evolving area with a great outlook for growth and excellent transportation connections,” Managing Director Päivi Jousmäki says, and continues:

”The Hatsinanpuisto area in Leppävaara and OOPS matched our hopes perfectly. OOPS is just the kind of inspiring live space that bubbles with life and offers great opportunities for natural growth. Here we can develop the company, improve the concept and our products .”

Catering for both everyday and festive needs

Jousmäki says that the people at Juvenes Oy can hardly wait to get in their new place and business spaces. Despite all the excitement this is the time to refine the concept which is carefully tailored for the company at OOPS and to continue the joint development work with the client. The almost 800 square-metre spaces are being designed in co-operation with NCC.

”We build the appearance and brand identity of our services to always suit the place and the operating environment. By making a detailed preliminary questionnaire we get well familiar with our customers to come up with exactly the kind of service concept that will fulfil their wishes,” Jousimäki describes.

”At OOPS, we’ll be starting off with a wide service offering. There will be a café and a lunch restaurant at the new site, plus conference and private restaurant services. We want to always stay current with the latest trends by updating our concept according to the present market demands.”

Sustainability and comfort

The company’s operating concept includes offering delicious, healthy and sustainable alternatives and allowing every customer to observe their own food philosophy. To a restaurateur sustainability also means supporting the diversity and continuity of Finnish food production.

”We buy food stuffs grown in Finland, choosing local and organic foods whenever, and as much as possible. We minimise food wastage, for example, through our ’Save the Lunch’ concept, offering our busy customers meals to enjoy at home and make their everyday life smoother.”

Regarding new business spaces Jousimäki emphasises comfort, attractive appearance, practicality, functionality, fluency and flexibility to change. ”Despite good planning not everything can be anticipated. Sustainable business spaces transform and reflect the spirit of time.”

Freshness, lightness and tastiness

Founded in 1959, the company is celebrating its 60th anniversary. The company is owned by the student union of Tampere University Trey, so their roots are deep in student catering. During the six decades the company has grown and expanded to many different directions, but the cornerstone of its activity has always been good food. To get an idea of the volume it is enough to say that almost three million lunch meals will be served this year.

”Wellness, healthy nutrition and clean food are becoming increasingly important – without compromising on the taste. To meet our customers’ wishes we are serving more vegetarian food and  vegan choices as well as meals to be shared between the table company. At OOPS, too, we will be mixing, extracting and pressing ingredients to serve fresh self-made juices,” Jousimäki beams.

Who is Päivi Jousmäki?

  • Worked at Juvenes Oy since 2005 in prominent positions such as product R & D, procurement, marketing and sales and as Managing Director since the beginning of 2019
  • Educational background is a combination of restaurant and business studies: basic studies in catering and culinary business and EMBA diploma
  • Three things close to her heart: continuous development, promoting well-being, holistic sustainability (people, environment, society, economy)
  • Favourite cuisine: right now, Asian food
  • Topical phenomenon: ”flexing”, or flexible vegetable-based diet
  • Motto: ”Always see opportunities – my glass is always half full”
  • Hobbies: dogs, horses and physical exercise

OOPS Top 5

  • Excellent location, good transport connections
  • Evolving growth centre, lively urban neighbourhood
  • Flexible spaces that adapt to the needs
  • International ecosystem
  • Attractive overall concept


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