Office is a company’s strength

When moving became topical for Analyse2, the location was alreaady clear based on 13 years’ experience. New office spaces were found in NCC’s new development OOPS in Leppävaara, Espoo. The company is looking forward to the new encounters with great excitement.

Analyse2, which is a company providing AI and analytics software to retailer brands and commercial chains, is growing rapidly. The Finnish company is currently conquering the Nordic markets and, after that, planning on entering the rest of Europe and beyond.

Founded in 2004, the company was for a long time happy with their existing office in Leppävaara, Espoo. Owing to the strong growth, the company came to a point where the spaces were scattered on several floors, making it more difficult to ensure everyday encounters between all members of personnel.

”We launched our new office hunt together with the personnel straight away. One thing was made clear in an instant: we wanted to stay in Leppävaara because of the central location, good traffic connections and excellent services,” CEO Janne Anttila says.

CEO Janne Anttila, Analyse2. Photo: Analyse2

Top-notch spaces in a new building

The company’s special wish list contained a variety of spaces for many different needs – and all of them on the same floor. The space search landed on Leppävaara where suitable alternatives were found. After they were presented to the personnel, the number-one favourite was found easily.

”The winner was OOPS. The familiar location, the completely new, modern, modifiable and stylish spaces with lots of light and services made an impression. OOPS also offered the best potential for the company’s growth and further development,” Anttila confirms.

In the beginning of December 2021, Analyse2 with its 60 employees will move to the eighth floor of OOPS in spaces with more than 900 square metres of floor area. Everything about the new premises is built to suit the company’s demands: team work spaces, conference rooms, common spaces, work desks, silent spaces and kitchens.

”At first we were interested in an altogether different space at OOPS, but we couldn’t make it work, not even by changing the plans several times over. We were then proposed a new alternative which turned out an excellent solution. A big thanks goes to NCC for flexibility and proactive approach,” Anttila continues.

OOPS office buildings are located in Hatsinanpuisto area, Leppävaara district of Espoo, by the banks of the Monikonpuro brook. Photo: NCC

A good reason to come to the workplace

Like many other companies, Analyse2 switched over to remote work one and a half years ago due to the pandemic. Such a long period working remotely without real encounters has had an adverse effect on team work and capacity for joint ideation, although there are also advantages in getting accustomed to remote work considering future prospects.

”Remote work drives our international operations. It is efficient and saves both time and money, but we are now looking for something else. Everybody is enthusiastic about the moment when we get to move to our new spaces and work together,” Anttila says.

In Anttila’s opinion, OOPS offers the added value that can draw the people to the workplace. A positive impression will be created already in the entrance lobby, and the expectations will be high also with regard to own spaces built to measure by the company’s wishes. It makes a great difference how the spaces look and feel.

”Office spaces are highly important to job well-being in our company. They will also matter when competing over top talent. The office is one of our strengths, there’s no doubt about it.”

Analyse2’s new office spaces are planned with colours and textures to create comfort, warmth and feeling. Photo: Profit Interior

Sustaining the bigger picture

In addition to supporting well-being and overseas operations, the modern office spaces and solutions as well as the good location are in line with the sustainability philosophy of Analyse2. At OOPS, interesting opportunities are offered, including shared spaces and networking with other companies.

”Sustainable development is part of our operations. As a software company we can provide our customers with sustainable and responsible solutions, for example, by cutting down the food wastage,” Anttila explains.

OOPS Top 5 by Analyse2

  1. Familiar location at Leppävaara
  2. Great connectivity by all modes of transport, bike parking and parking spaces
  3. Versatile services, including a shopping centre and a hotel
  4. Flexibility and modifiability of own spaces, room for growth
  5. Newness, modern spaces.

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