OOPS attracts life science companies

NCC OOPS, an oasis of encounters that builds on well-being, international perspective and sustainable development, is attracting life science companies. Astellas Pharma and ResMed are already looking forward to moving in the Hatsinanpuisto area of Leppävaara, Espoo.

OOPS to be completed in autumn 2021 has a unique setting: the office building is located at a busy traffic junction, yet close to nature. The Monikonpuro brook which was recently led to its final stream bed now crosses through the plot giving it a special character and unifying beauty.

”OOPS’ concept is built around well-being and international business and beefed up with a great location. The trust shown by health care companies reflects the companies’ thoughts on how they see OOPS’ office solutions,” Project Engineer Markus Pahikkala of NCC says.

According to Pahikkala, the companies to move in OOPS want to make sure their spaces are highly functional and just right for their individual needs. OOPS’ office solution permits constructing workspaces of many different kinds, which has been an asset in matching the spaces with the customer’s demands in smooth co-operation.

Pahikkala continues: ”It’s interesting to see how people of the same field come together at OOPS. Encounters are enabled by the spacious entrance lobby in shared use where Juvenes Oy, the provider of restaurant services on the property, runs a café. We try to make our tenants feel comfortable every single day.”

Towards inspiring spaces

Astellas Pharma is eager to move in their highly visible spaces at OOPS in autumn 2021. The Japanese pharmaceutical company engages in R & D on novelty original medicine in the fields of urology and cancer treatment.

”We’ll be knocking on the doors as soon as the house will open,” Country Leader Jouni Helin smiles.

”We have been based in Espoo already for 11 years, previously in Technopolis. In our search for new spaces to better suit the current activity we relied on the employees’ wishes and good location.”

”As it turned out, Leppävaara in Espoo is the best location with regard to traffic connections and services. The new, modern and highly workable spaces guarantee a convenient and stimulating environment for us. As a pharmaceutical company employing health care professionals we can naturally feel the strong presence of the well-being themes here.”

New spaces, new operating models

According to Helin, NCC handles co-operation professionally from the start. The new spaces are expected to offer an excellent office concept for a long time ahead. As a global player the company considers sustainability in all their activity.

”The main thing about the new operating environment is that we can move from the old tubular space to  an open, more practical space to support team work. OOPS’ international concept with the inputs it has made in well-being and sustainable development together with the local services are a perfect match for our activity and wishes.”

”The coronavirus pandemic has not affected the space planning very much, but we will see in the autumn how the activity will evolve. New spaces are always a new opportunity to shape existing operating models, so we can make a new start. Modern spaces are our calling card to the outside world,” Helin thinks.

Post-corona era

Also the medical devices manufacturer ResMed will relocate to OOPS in the autumn. This global company operates in 140 different countries specialising in sleep apnea, sleep diagnostics and respiratory therapy equipment.

”We want to make working more enjoyable and give all our employees an opportunity to work in a modern, safe and inspiring environment. Our new office also marks the opening of a new post-corona era,” Managing Director Jussi Vuorela says.

”We chose OOPS mainly because of the location and the opportunities the modern building can offer us. Office spaces are important to the employees. At OOPS, we can raise work well-being to a new level.”

An interesting concept that fulfils your wishes

As Vuorela views it, office spaces play a special role in how the team work develops. ResMed has invested in larger spaces for their personnel to share and get together safely and conveniently in addition to working  remotely.

”OOPS´ concept is extremely interesting, perfectly in line with our company philosophy. We are already very much looking forward to moving and to the moment when we’ll be able to enjoy our modern working environment and network with other companies at OOPS,” Vuorela says, and concludes:

”Moving in new premises is a big process for an international company, but with NCC everything has been extremely straightforward. We are certain the project will continue in a good spirit all the way to us physically moving in the premises, and after.

Read more about OOPS at oopsespoo.fi


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