Our top hints for moving the company

Moving the company office is an inspiring and much awaited event. We gathered some useful hints for handling the process as smoothly and peacefully as possible. At its best, moving can become an unforgettable chapter in your company story.

When the decision is first made, the employees start to look forward to the moving. Nowadays companies often want to include all personnel in the planning process.

Companies can benefit from new office spaces in many different ways. Moving is a great opportunity to enhance the brand image and success as well as to support employee well-being and performance.

”Even so, a study shows that 78 per cent of companies tend to postpone moving, as they find the process stressful due to the considerable amount of work associated with it. This is not necessarily the case,” NCC Sales Manager Otto Ahtola says.

1. Start planning well ahead

Moving the company is a project that requires planning in order to be successful. Properly planned, moving does not suspend the activity while working can continue at the new address like nothing ever happened. Well planned is half done.

In a small company the planning should begin at least three months earlier, whereas medium-sized and large companies will need to start planning 8-12 months ahead.

“It’s a good idea to leave enough time at both ends: for clearing the old office and furnishing the new one, so the personnel will not have to work in a disaster area,” Ahtola advises.

We also recommend to appoint a person or several persons to manage the moving process. In big companies a volunteer should be appointed from each department to co-ordinate the matter with the managers.

”A moving schedule showing all the different stages of moving is an important tool,” Ahtola reminds.

2. Hire an interior designer

Interior decoration and furniture are an essential part of the working environment and your company brand. A well-designed office will support work performance, creativity and comfort.

“Owing to our close co-operation with Finland’s leading interior designers we can recommend the best firms and professionals for the demands of each individual customer,” Ahtola says.

“We want to always encourage the companies to customise the spaces according to their own brand. Office spaces tailored for individual demands also support the functionality and divisibility of the spaces, ensuring efficient space use and everyday comfort,” Ahtola adds.

3. Communicate the moving to you key stakeholders well in advance

Efficient communications are an important part of the moving process, because they can eliminate  disruption both during and after the moving. You can avoid unpleasant surprises by keeping people informed about the moving.

”Why not make separate plans for internal and external communications, so the customers, the employees and the authorities alike will have the necessary information about the moving,” Ahtola suggests.

A notification about the moving should be included in the e-mail signature field and shown on the company website. Measures should be taken early on to update the address also in the internal materials such as the PowerPoint templates. Posting moving updates to the social media is a great way of beefing up communication.

4. Also remember notices to Posti, Tax Office and Finnish Patent and Registration Office

When the moving schedule is confirmed, send a ‘Notification of change of address for businesses’  to the Finnish Posti postal service; this will cover re-addressing letter deliveries free-of-charge. Should your company subscribe magazines or newspapers, it is advisable to notify the publishers directly. Also remember that the notice given to Posti does not apply to parcel deliveries.

In case your company’s contact details change, a notification must be given also to the Tax Office and the trade register maintained by the Finnish Patent and Registration Office. The fastest way of handling changes is through the Finnish business information system YTJ. An electronic notification of changed information can be signed by the company responsible person or their authorised representative.

5. Update the agreements concerning the old spaces with the new details

Before moving out of the old spaces there are also contractual matters to take care of. By doing so you will ensure works can start in the new premises without any delay or surprises. It is, therefore, important to move even these matters from the old spaces to get everything going at the new office from day one:

  • electricity contract
  • insurances
  • cleaning contract
  • security contracts
  • alarm-forwarding contracts
  • internet connection
  • moving of telephone system.

6. Request for offers and hire a removals company

There are several companies specialising in moving businesses in Finland. To find the best solution for your company, always request for an offer from several companies. The more experienced the company, the easier your moving will probably be.

”Moving company services often cover all steps of the physical moving: the charting, the ordering, the planning, implementation and services even after the moving. Moving companies offer a full service package, everything from moving boxes to packing instructions and final reporting,” Ahtola reminds.

Accidents do sometimes happen during moving. This is why you should discuss with the chosen moving company obtaining an insurance for both the furniture and the buildings concerned for the duration of the moving. Thereby your company will not have to pay damages that could be caused, for example, to lifts or door jambs by the moving.

7. Recycle old furniture and IT equipment

Moving is an ideal moment to update and renew existing office furniture and equipment to achieve a final result that will be most suited and functional for the new spaces.

If the furniture is intact and clean, it can be sold or given away for re-use. Life today is all about recycling.

If the furniture cannot be recycled, there are several companies engaging in used equipment which also accept end-of-life furniture and handle it sustainably and quickly for a fee.

Read more about recycling of old furniture > https://www.pari.fi/kalusteiden-kierratys#myy tai https://offistore.fi/palvelut

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