Trimble XR10 VR headset introduced in Finland for the first time at NCC’s construction site

The VR headset adds a totally new and easily discernible dimension to viewing site designs. Trimble’s XR10 VR headset has been introduced for the first time in Finland at NCC’s office construction site OOPS in Leppävaara where the new headquarters of the measuring device and software company Trimble is being built.

– Owing to NCC’s and Trimble’s co-operation we have been able to test the very latest hardware and software advances in construction at the site, NCC’s Digitalisation Engineer Eero-Pekka Piipponen explains.

Wearing the VR headset the user can send live streaming video directly from the construction site to a remotely held meeting. This allows the multidisciplinary expert team to participate in the design process from their computers and to view the construction site in real time, to draw and add their observations directly to the BIM. This has afforded the company with new opportunities in solving everyday site routines during the corona pandemic.

Mixed Reality (MR) enables mixing VR and AR with the real world. Worn at the site, the VR headset makes it possible to compare designs directly to the situation prevailing at the site.

– The headgear looks rather like an ordinary construction helmet, except that you have the visor instead of the goggles at the front and the battery at the back. At OOPS, the VR headset is being used by the HVAC & E installation team who have welcomed the innovation with enthusiasm. Through the VR headset you can see instantly how to fit a pipe end at any one point, or you can open the records for any one object, make measurements and comparisons between the designed and the built, then forward the data with the image attachment to the designer, Piipponen says.

NCC plans to introduce the VR headset also at other construction sites.

– MR makes it easier to manage the details and to develop the design and modelling process. It speeds up the work at several different stages, adds to the understanding and reduces the risk of mistakes. Being able to monitor the building site remotely with the client is also a great advantage to growing trust in our work, Piipponen describes.

– NCC is a pioneering company in the use of similar technology in Finland. The feedback given by Eero-Pekka and NCC’s VDC Team helps us develop and improve the user experience of the Trimble Connect for HoloLens application. We are happy to see new technologies become an integral part of daily site routines, Business Development Manager Jussi Ketoja of Trimble Connect says.

Further information:

Eero-Pekka Piipponen, Digitalisation Engineer, NCC, tel. 040 635 9874,

Satu Holm-Jumppanen, Media Relations, NCC, tel. 050 305 4718,

Jussi Ketoja, Trimble Connect, Trimble, tel. 040 483 6022,

Trimble XR10 headset with Microsoft HoloLens 2

  • Transparent holographic lenses, 43 deg viewing angle, 2K MR resolution and 3:2 aspect ratio
  • Cameras: 4 visible light cameras for tracking movement. Camera for live streaming and image acquisition. 1080p30 video resolution, 8 megapixel images
  • Two eye-tracking infrared cameras and Windows Hello for signing in with iris scan
  • Standard construction helmet
  • Motion sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer
  • Five-channel microphone array for speech transmission and control
  • Bluetooth bone conduction headphone connection
  • 64 GB solid state drive, Bluetooth, WiFi
  • Trimble Connect for HoloLens for BIM manipulation and viewing

NCC: Our vision is to renew the industry and provide superior sustainable solutions. NCC is one of the leading construction, property development and infrastructure companies in the Nordic countries. In 2019 its revenue amounted to nearly € 5.5 billion and it employed 15,500 people. NCC’s shares are listed on NASDAQ OMX Stockholm.

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