”Where city life meets nature and working is a pleasure”

What is NCC’s development project OOPS in Leppävaara exactly? What can it offer to the users, and how will it change Leppävaara? These are some of the questions that we asked the project specialist, Project Director Pirkka Pikkarainen of NCC Property Development.

Would you describe OOPS briefly at first?

OOPS is an area for working, shopping, accommodation, sports, entertainment and experiences being built in Hatsinanpuisto of Leppävaara, at the Monikonpuro brook.

What new things can OOPS bring to Leppävaara?

Leppävaara is one of Espoo’s liveliest centres and the fastest growing workplace hub in the metropolitan area. OOPS will contribute to this growth and increase Leppävaara’s attractive power. This will apparently show in the office space offering which OOPS is improving, along with the shops, hotel services, free time and sports facilities. All this takes place right next to nature, in the unique milieu of the Monikonpuro brook. Thanks to the excellent location and many modes of transport, commuting is made easy, and the facilities are built to support biking and physical fitness. Overall, OOPS is a new way of experiencing work and free time.

To whom is OOPS best suited?

OOPS is suitable for all operators and companies. The office solutions are flexible and they combine both individual and social demands and the companies’ business targets into one single user experience. OOPS is particularly suitable for those who take on a holistic aspect towards working life and consider both body and mind in choosing the best conditions for their employees to sharpen their competitive edge.

OOPS is an excellent location, with great connectivity in terms of traffic connections and networking. With OOPS, we will certainly also see such operators and businesses in Leppävaara which were not present earlier.

How can OOPS satisfy the ever changing demands of working life?

OOPS meets the demands of new working life offering flexible spaces to companies according to their needs. There’s no doubt that offices will be in demand also in the future; work is done, and working life will go on also in exceptional conditions and after. New work is at the same time individual, social and done in project-specific teams. OOPS’ modern building service technology and the digital services offer safety, modifiability and multi-use solutions. At OOPS, sharing economy and the sense of community play an important role. These are the essential ingredients of the future working life.

I’ve heard that OOPS is based on wellness architecture. What does it mean?

The surrounding nature was considered from the earliest stages of project planning and included in the project’s core properties. OOPS has the kind of spaces, technology and services that nudge physical activity in many different ways. Healthy food is also an important part of well-being. There will be a fine restaurant and cafeteria concept at OOPS to serve the employees, residents and event guests of the area.

What’s the workday experience like at OOPS?

Easiness, well-being and fluency are the key words. You will get into the flow already in the morning, since commuting to work is easy, and working in the spaces and the areas is effortless. This is ensured by the space design and material choices. Multimodal digital, social and physical services are easy use, giving you the overall feeling of well-being. But OOPS is not all about working. You can continue enjoying the day even after work, doing shopping and all kinds of spare time activities both at OOPS and in the surrounding nature.

How is international activity considered at OOPS?

OOPS builds on an international community and welcomes multinational companies and people from all over the world. This is considered in all planning and design of the premises and services. OOPS is an excellent location with the best connections to the airport, and a fast rail connection to Helsinki city centre. High accessibility is an important precondition also for international activity. A growing offering of hotel services will be in the interests of business travel. The modern technological solutions and connections bring the world close to OOPS. It also offers interesting opportunities for many educational establishments and international activity that can take off from such co-operation.

How is sustainable development accounted for?

One of OOPS’ leading aspects has been considering and including the Hatsinanpuisto park and the Monikonpuro brook in the project. Our operations are governed by the BREEAM environmental rating ’Excellent’ which means continuous efforts to ensure sustainability. OOPS’ material choices are as durable and environmentally-friendly as possible. We have solar panels and lighting controlled by the amount of daylight; these, and many other solutions to ensure energy efficiency are foreseen at OOPS. We can offer charging stations for electric cars. OOPS’ excellent location also affords a wide choice of sustainable alternatives for mobile work.

How does OOPS’ future look like?

A viable centre for experiencing nature and city life as one; a hybrid where people feel well and full of vigour. An attractive area where you want to spend time overall. An area that strengthens Leppävaara’s position among workplace hubs which will attract talented employees in great numbers. A place where the people, the nature, technology and multinational companies all come together.

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