Tenants are currently looking for sustainable choices

Sustainability is the key in the construction of the OOPS office buildings in Leppävaara, Espoo. Sustainable choices are also high on the tenants’ list when they are looking for new office spaces. OOPS is a new building project where technology and feeling come together inside and out – even in the adjoining neighbourhood.

The handsome OOPS office project is being built with sustainability in mind to level Excellent as per the international BREEAM environmental certificate. BREEAM is a standard procedure observed in NCC’s projects over ten years already. Sustainability starts early on, while the project is still on the designer’s workdesk.

The first two developments of the OOPS office ensemble and the park area will be completed in September 2021, so the works in the heart of the thriving Leppävaara area have reached a high degree of completion. By the time full completion is achieved, a new innovative office concept – an oasis of encounters – will have been realised in Espoo. The area will be turned into a real living city where well-being and nature support a mobile working life.

What is good for nature is also good for well-being

Sales Manager Maria Monikainen tells what it is about modern office spaces that the clients appreciate most.

”Our clients usually start their decision-making with choosing the location. The choice is often made to communicate the company brand. The location is critical also to ensuring accessibility of the office spaces. Both the employees and clients of the company must be able to reach the office by public transport or bike. At OOPS, we will be located within 300 metres’ walking distance from the Leppävaara railway station and the bus terminal at Sello. For bike commuters we have bicycle storages, lockers and washing rooms in the building basement,” Monikainen says.

Along with the location, the environment and natural values will be considered. No wonder OOPS’ green areas and the Monikonpuro brook passing through the property attract clients. It is nice to be able to hold walking meetings or eat lunch by the brook.

”The cosiness, the greenness and the costs must all go hand in hand: what is good for the nature is also good for people’s well-being. The clients will be looking for lots of natural light at the workstations, adjustability of indoor temperature and lighting around the clock based on presence detectors, and quality of indoor air. Further attention is paid to matters such as energy solutions and efficient use of resources, to monitoring of water consumption and so on,” Monikainen adds.

OOPS has the targets to slow down climate change sorted out for hundred years ahead. Environmental values show in the roof-mounted solar panels, rain water areas, supported biodiversity and watercourse preservation, especially the Monikonpuro brook and park area.

Aiming for BREEAM Excellent

See larger image Aiming for BREEAM Excellent

Good feeling and everyday comfort

The expected service life of office buildings is getting longer and the spaces all more modifiable in order to serve for many different working modes and demands. They must also allow for flexibility with regard to the company life-cycle development. At OOPS, focus is made on efficiency and  recyclability of materials as well as the availability of sharing solutions.

”We offer the tenants the possibility to register in space-sharing platforms which we have tested with our partners as part of our Urban Sense concept. When the services are used actively, we can push the occupancy rate higher and reduce wastage. A joint user experience is created by the services, good feeling and everyday comfort,” Urban Developer-hippie Eelis Rytkönen reminds.

The services are developed with the participation of the different user groups, including local residents. At OOPS, an effort is made to best serve the demands of the entire area, that is everyone working, living and passing through the area. At the same time we want to build a living urban culture.

”Despite the increased tendency towards remote work people will still want to work at the office, meet and work with their workmates, be able to feel they belong. When the office is as functional and as cosy as possible, it will always be a pleasure to come there,” Monikainen and Rytkönen agree.

What is OOPS?

  • OOPS (Oasis of Professionals) is an area being built for working, shopping, accommodation, sports, entertainment and experiences in Hatsinanpuisto area, Leppävaara district of Espoo, by the banks of the Monikonpuro brook.
  • Excellent location in the heart of the thriving Leppävaara area. Workable traffic connections, vicinity of the Sello Shopping Centre, at the junction of Ring Road 1, main railway track and future Raide-Jokeri light rail route.
  • First buildings A and B will be completed in autumn 2021.
  • Key figures: 20,000 square metres of office space (Phase 1); 30,000 square metres of retail and experiences, 36 parking spaces with charging, 479 bicycle parking spaces, partially with charging.

Read more: oopsespoo.fi/en

What is BREEAM?

  • BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is originally a British classification system that is based on all-European standards.
  • BREEAM encourages sustainable and responsible construction.
  • The method enables assessing the building’s environmental impacts based on which it is given points.
  • Depending on the fulfilled criteria the buildings are divided into five different categories: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding.

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