OOPS Buildings A and B ready for moving in

Buildings A and B of the attractive OOPS have reached completion in the Hatsinanpuisto area of Leppävaara, Espoo. NCC’s development project offers unique office space at top location where accessibility shakes hands with the nature, creating perfect harmony.

OOPS brings a new dimension and focus to the Leppävaara district of Espoo. OOPS is much more than just new office space: with its evolving service culture it becomes an entirely new urban environment that extends the existing Leppävaara centre to the the other side of Ring Road I following along the banks of the Monikonpuro brook.

”The first phase of the area development project was completed in August with some 18,000 square metres and 400 parking spaces. The attractive power of OOPS and the environs is clear, now that most of the entirety is pre-let,” Project Director Pirkka Pikkarainen and Project Manager Markus Pahikkala establish.

Everything one could ever wish for office space

OOPS offers a variety of different modifiable office spaces to companies that appreciate a top-level working environment at a top location. OOPS is everything one could ever hope for: it has all of the headquarters-level services and functions necessary for both domestic and international companies.

The first company to move in the new building is the software company Trimble whose new headquarters is made to measure in co-operation with NCC, using the very latest digital tools. Also the life science companies Astellas Pharma and ResMed will locate their offices at OOPS, as will the medical company Johnson & Johnson and Analyse2 offering software services to commercial chains.

”The employees, other operators and city dwellers will be able to enjoy restaurant and cafeteria services provided by Juvenes Oy which will open in the building. At the street level, there are still two tall retail units vacant with 80 square metres of space in each. Offices are still available in size category from 200 to 1,000 square metres,” Pahikkala says.

Next to everything – near to nature

The location could hardly be better. OOPS is set at an attractive site with excellent traffic connections, at the intersection of Ring Road I and the main railway track, and it will be also accessible by the future light rail service Raide-Jokeri and via light traffic routes.

At the centrally located OOPS, the built environment and nearness to nature are well in balance. The Monikonpuro brook with its considerable natural values flows through all buildings of the Hatsinanpuisto park and OOPS, giving the area a special identity and adding to the attraction of the area.

”The Monikonpuro area implemented by the City of Espoo is to be completed with its walkways and quayside seating in 2022, but the unique entirety is there to be seen already. In view of the employees, residents and the entire environment, the brook is a meaningful part of the new city centre,” Pikkarainen states.

Well-being and other good reasons for coming to the workplace

According to Pikkarainen and Pahikkala, the pandemic has created new challenges to companies’ space demands. OOPS is highly modifiable to changing business needs, since flexibility and modifiability have been the key ever since the design was launched.

”Already today, employers want to pay more attention to motivating the employees to come to the workplace. New office spaces are inviting, since they offer versatile spaces for many different ways of working, including inspiring places for encounters. Beefing up the workspaces correlates with work well-being and the companies’ success,” Pikkarainen says.

”The modifiability is a feature that has catered quite well for the needs and space arrangements for those already signed the lease agreement,” Pahikkala adds.

Well-being is part of sustainability, and both are supported by the qualities of the BREEAM environmental rating at level Excellent. At OOPS, sustainability means solar energy, energy efficiency, adjustable lighting depending on daylight, charging stations for electric cars as well as environmentally-friendly, enduring and recyclable materials.

In the picture project director Pirkka Pikkarainen and project manager Markus Pahikkala.

A memorable experience at the trout brook

To Pikkarainen and Pahikkala OOPS means a diverse and interesting project with a considerable scope. They are thankful for the flexible co-operation between the different partners and stakeholders to the project, such as the City of Espoo, Varma Pension Insurance, future tenants and the project’s general designers.

”As a fly-fishing enthusiast it has been a great pleasure to be part of this development and construction project where a refreshing city environment is created at a protected trout brook of great importance,” Pikkarainen delights.

”Up to now, working in the OOPS project has been a memorable experience. The close co-operation with the anchor tenant, our new tenants and the general contractor has been useful and rewarding,” Pahikkala establishes.

The development work goes on. Buildings A and B will be later complemented by office buildings C, D, and E, a hotel and a local centre which will include everyday services, including entertainment and sports facilities.

What is OOPS?

  • OOPS, or Oasis of Professionals, is a new city district set in Hatsinanpuisto, Leppävaara of Espoo for workplaces, retail, accommodation, entertainment and experiences.
  • OOPS is built on well-being architecture. It creates infrastructure for developing an international ecosystem in the area.
  • An excellent location in the middle of the evolving Leppävaara: well-functioning traffic connections in the neighbours of Sello Shopping Centre, at the crossing of Ring Road I, the main railway track and the future light-rail service.
  • OOPS in figures: 38,000 square metres of office space, 30,000 square metres of retail and experiences, and 11,000 square metres of hotel space.
  • Read more: oopsespoo.fi/en

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